Edit Your Xmas Video


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Your Xmas footage edited professionally and presented on custom printed DVD/Blu-ray OR on USB

Merry Christmas!

Christmas day is one of the most filmed days of the year by households. We are providing a service that takes your footage, edit it in a professional standard, colour correct the footage if necessary, and provide it to you on DVD, Blu-Ray, or USB!

How Do I Send My Footage?

Most cameras these days film onto a SD or micro SD card.
You can either post us the card, drop it off at our main office in Llanelli, or send it to us via Dropbox, or google drive, or any other cloud sharing platform.

If you are still using an older camera with a tape, then you could either post it to us or drop it off at our main office in Llanelli.

Please don’t hesitate to GET IN TOUCH with us if you have any queries.