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if we receive your tapes today, we estimate to complete your order by: 14/01/01
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7 day turn around

We can convert any: VHS | VHS-C | Mini DV | Hi8/Super8 tapes.We do NOT convert Cine Film

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Approx. 7 Day Turn Around

While we try to transfer  your tapes within 7 working days, there are some occasions where we may take longer. We will always notify you if this happens.

Our 7 days target takes place from the moment we receive your tapes and our target only includes working days (Mon-Fri).

If you have a tape that needs to be done by a deadline, as a rush job, give us a call. An extra charge may be incurred.

Introducing the NEW Digital Download Option

Transfering your home videos to our Digital Download option is the next step in the digital age, while allowing us to bring you an even cheaper alternative to saving your memories.Simply create your order, post your tapes to us, then receive a notification when your videos are ready to be downloaded from the ‘My Account’ part of this site.

30 Day Guarantee – Saving you from any hassle

In the unlikely event that your disk is damaged or corrupted, we will issue a free replacement providing that you contact us within 30 days. Please Note: We will not accept replacements for scratched or destroyed disks.We store all of your footage on our hard drives for 30 days after you collect or receive your DVDs or Blu-Rays.

Legal Notice: We can only legally transfer home videos. Any videos sent to us which contain copyrighted footage will not be transferred and you will still be charged.Any tape that contains criminal activity will be passed onto the police and not returned. You will still also be charged.

How To Order



Filling out the form above:
If you wanted 10 tapes to be transfered to DVD for example and the same extra options on each, simply set 10 as the quantity before the add to cart button.

If you wanted different options per tape, fill in the form PER TAPE.

At the checkout:
If you plan on collecting your tapes in person or you have chosen to have digital downloads and don’t want your tapes returned, select ‘I don’t Require Delivery’.



Post your tapes to us OR deliver them in person
It doesn’t matter if you wish to post your tapes to us or bring them in during our opening hours as long as you send them to:

VHS to DVD Wales
CETMA Business Centre
Marsh Street
SA15 1BG



Sit back and relax
We will process your tapes and aim to complete your order in 7 working days before sending them back to you or marking them as ready for collection.

You will receive an email to say when they are ready for collection or marked as posted back to you, as well as any other updates or corrospondance.

If we have any problems, we will email you in the first instance, and then phone you should we require immediate corrospondance.



Enjoy watching your memories
We keep all footage on our systems for 30 days, and you will automatically receive an email to say that your footage will be deleted shortly to give you the opportunity to order duplicates or if you have had an issue to remind you to get in touch.

You will also receive an email to confirm when the footage has been deleted, along with the opportunity to review us on trustpilot so that you can share your experience.

Quantity Discounts Available:


Quantity Of Tapes Digital Downloads
(Price Per Tape)
(Price Per Tape)
(Price Per Tape)
USB Stick
(Price Per Tape)
1-3 £6.00 £8.00 £9.50 £6.00
4-6 £5.50 £7.50 £9.00 £5.50
7 or More £4.50 £6.50 £8.00 £4.50

The Above Costs Are Based On Transfer WITHOUT Any Upgrades


If my tape has not been transferred, why do you still charge?

Depending on the type of tape that you provide along with if the tape is being used on LP or SP, the duration can last from any time between 45mins to 6 hours. We still run the tape for this time period, and if we can not obtain any footage we will inspect the tape and run it again. As this is very time consuming, and the cost per tape does not meet minimum wage for an individual, we deem it only fair for the tape to still be chargeable as work has infact been carried out.

My tape is damaged, can you still transfer it?

Depending on how damaged the tape is, it may be be able to be transfered. We can attempt to recase your tape, splice your tape, and clean the tape, however this does not always guarantee to be a sucsess. Your tape may be too brittle to be worked on and in some cases if it has been infested with damp and mould, we may only be able to obtain audio and not picture. You will still be charged for the service if we can not transfer your tape.

Do I get my original tape back?

Yes, you will receive your video tape as well as your disks and/or USB stick unless you request otherwise.

Post your tapes to us OR deliver them in person
It doesn’t matter if you wish to post your tapes to us or bring them in during our opening hours as long as you send them to:

VHS to DVD Wales
CETMA Business Centre
Marsh Street
SA15 1BG

Don’t forget to include your order number
Without your order number we can not alocate your tapes to your order.

To ensure there is no mix up between customers tapes, we will place a sticky label on each of your tapes, with a tape number and your order number when we receive them.

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