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Quantity Of Tapes Digital Downloads
(Price Per Tape)
(Price Per Tape)
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USB Stick
(Price Per Tape)
1-3 £6.00 £8.00 £9.50 £6.00
4-6 £5.50 £7.50 £9.00 £5.50
7 or More £4.50 £6.50 £8.00 £4.50

Disk & Disk Storage Printing

While we offer the option to assist you in keeping your costs down with digital downloads, USB, generic disk printing and generic disk packaging, we also offer a more customised experience.

On the order page, you may select custom printed DVD’s and Blu-Rays, along with printed cardboard wallets and printed hard cases. This is perfect for when you want to present your filmed memories as a gift to a loved one.

Legal Notice: We can only legally transfer home videos. Any videos sent to us which contain copyrighted footage will not be transferred and you will still be charged. Any tape that contains criminal activity will be passed onto the police and not returned. You will still also be charged.

Approx 7 Days Turn Around Time

7 day turnaroundWhile we try to transfer your tapes within 7 working days, there are some occasions where we may take longer. We will always notify you if this happens. Our 7 days target takes place from the moment we receive your tapes. Our 7 days target only includes working days (Mon-Fri).

30 Day Guarantee

In the unlikely event that your disk is damaged or corrupted, we will issue a free replacement providing that you contact us within 30 days. Please Note: We will not accept replacements for scratched or destroyed disks. We store all of your footage on our hard drives for 30 days after you collect or receive your DVDs or Blu-Rays.


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Ordering Online Is Easy…
1. Fill out the order form & make payment
2. Post your tapes or bring them to us
3. We will process your order once received.
4. We post your tapes and DVDs back to you.


About VHS To DVD Wales

We are a small, yet friendly and reliable business that specializes in the conversion of video stored on obsolete media to current DVD format. You will find that our team is very personable and dependable dealing directly with you.

We can offer you this top of the line service because we are not a big-box chain like many competitors. All work we perform for you is completely confidential. Our work is done in-house, locally in Llanelli.

We are able to convert most tape media such as hi8, Mini DV, VHS-C, and VHS to DVD (*some restrictions apply).

Our mission is to transfer your home videos to DVD, Blu-Ray, USB, or MP4 Downloads, and give your memories a new lease of life.

Give us a like on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to Get In Touch.

Did You Know?

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The average lifespan of your video/camcorder tapes is around 15-20 years That means all your videos filmed before 2000 are in danger of being damaged, or lost forever.

Technology is rapidly changing; it seems like only yesterday that VHS tapes were the best video quality that could ever exist. Fast-forward ahead a few years and most companies these days do not even manufacture tapes anymore.

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Latest News

For anyone with any doubts, the quality is excellent. I had some done and I am over the moon to view my old home videos again.

Eileen Burton

Former owner of Blue Whale Cruises.

My video tapes were corroded and VHS to DVD Wales managed to save some of my footage. Huge thanks to you.

Steven Davies

Happy Client

I managed to view my videos again thanks to you. The process was effortless and reasonably priced. Will use this service again.

Anna Saddler

Happy Client