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vhs 1242395 864x467

Do you still have them at home? What? Video Home System(VHS)!! They are far from being useless.

Are you a member of the “golden” VHS generation? This was almost two decades ago. However, those memories are just like yesterday. Can you still remember how precious and valuable those VHS tapes were? If you don’t, I will remind you, in those VHS videos lies some of our most treasured family events, celebrations, graduation, funerals and weddings. Others contained our favorite classic movies, music albums, sitcoms and concerts. Those still with them might sometimes wonder. Can the videos could ever be retrievable?

Giving up on these videos is not an option, and I designed this article to tell you why you should convert these VHS videos into DVD format.



During the VHS period, because having a VHS player was a necessity in every home made it seem perfect!! However,  its video quality was very poor. Hence, don’t ever think of purchasing a ridiculously outdated VHS player. This is not a good solution to getting your videos back. Because of their delicate nature, time can easily damage these cassettes.


Sharing of Videos

Even if you have a VHS player at home, you can hardly share these wonderful moments “caught in the act” with families and friends. Why? Most homes don‘t have a VHS player anymore.  In years to come, your purpose of keeping these videos will be terribly jeopardized. In the nearest future, nobody will use a VHS video player any longer. Right now VHS players are on their way to extinction. They will become artifacts for the museums; just to play a video, you will need to “steal” one out of a museum. That is way too risky!! So, why not just convert to DVD.


Repair and Maintenance

What if I tell you that the cost of repairing a VHS player is more than then cost of buying a whole DVD player? This is uneconomical. How about repairs? VHS repairers are rare to come by. Preserving these great old memories by converting your VHS to DVD will eventually turn out to be the greatest gift you could ever give to your future generations.


Memories are Invaluable

It is typically an octogenarian’s quote “the past has passed and can never be recalled”. This quote doesn’t just evoke emotions, it is a fact of life. However, cinematographers have tried in the past to constantly keep the past. People have stored billions of memorable scenes and momentous events in videos worldwide, and almost everyone could relate with the wide range of emotions we often feel when memories are brought to the fore in videos.

As each day passes by, the time left is reduced. Your now playable VHS will one day become unplayable. Why not take a step to preserve the future by preserving the past? Why not save these momentous occasions from the claws of destruction? Losing these priceless memories will truly be saddening. VHS is analogue, this is a digital era. Before it is too late, convert your VHS to DVD today!!

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