Top Christmas Day Filming Tips

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Christmas Day Filming – What have you let yourself in for?

Have you ever experienced Christmas Day? With visiting loved ones, cooking Christmas dinner, entertaining guests, keeping the kids under control, theres a lot to do and little time to do it in. Christmas Day can go by in no time, making capturing the magical moments of the day can be pretty stressfull.
However after the day is over and you can sit back and relax, it is very rewarding to watch back the magic of Christmas, so regardless if you are using your phone camera or an actual camcorder, here’s some quick Christmas Day filming tips.
1. Film, Film, Film…
Film everything. It is better to have too much footage than not enough. Film your surroundings, Film your unopened presents, Film your breckfast, Film your family waking up, Film everything and more!
2. Get yourself on camera too
In 10 years time when you look back on your footage, theres nothing worse than everyone wondering where you are. You have lots of footage (or you should do) of your family but you are not in it at all. Interact with everyone and share the camera duties.
3. Keep Filming
Refer back to tip number one. If the day has not ended, get that camera back rolling.
4. Preperation

At some point before Christmas, set up your camera to best capture the moment rather than fiddling around with settings and missing the action. You could also set up your camera on a tripod in a strategically located place, and ideally with a reasonably wide angle lens. A Go-Pro could be best for this.

5. Back Up your footage
Get your footage backed up safe on a hard drive. No doubt you will want to get your camera out on Boxing day or New Years Eve so you will want the space back on your SD card (that is if you followed tip 1 & 3).


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