The Next Chapter Of The Digital Age – Digital Downloads

glenn carstens peters 203007 unsplash 864x467
glenn carstens peters 203007 unsplash 864x467


The Digital Age

Technology has come a long way from the standard definition era of Cine Film, VHS, Super 8mm/Hi8 tapes, Mini DV tapes. Mini HDV tapes took one of the first leaps into high definition, and had been taken over by SD Cards meaning that you no longer had to rely on tape that could be easily damaged. Filming onto digital media also means that you no longer need to watch the entire video in real time to transfer it to the computer, you just simply drag and drop.

DVDs are already starting to loose their value, and it can be debated if Blu-Ray actually took off or not. Most computers only come with DVD drives and most homes commonly only have a DVD player. Many years ago Apple discontinued its DVD authoring software, and recently Adobe discontinued theirs also, as they believed that cloud based storage is the future. Apple in fact no longer even include a DVD drive in their computers forcing their users to either purchase an external disk drive or use its cloud based features.

Introducing Digital Downloads

VHS to DVD Wales has steped forward into the digital era and has finally introduced the newest way to transfer your home videos, and as a result has worked out a pricing structure that will help to reduce the transfer costs even further. Instead of transfering your home videos to DVD, Blu-Ray, or USB and waiting for them to be delivered, you can now choose the option for digital download.

After you place your order and send us your tapes, you will receive an update via email as we add your home videos to your order in the ‘My Account’ area. You also have the option to choose delivery of your tapes back or to not receive them back.

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