Orders Are Moving Again!

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Orders On Hold

Since the 13th of March, we had no choice to place all orders on hold, due to a berevement in the family. We frantically messaged all of our current customers to advise that their order will be delayed and all orders would be processed from 2nd April 2019. We would like to thank all of our customers for their understanding on the situation and for their condolences through the tough time.

We are now back open to process orders and will try to get through them as soon as possible. While we were closed, we gained a large backlog of orders via our website and at the CETMA Business Centre who helped us big time as they took over our phone line and ordering system during this period.

Whats Next?

As we try to catch up on the backlog of orders, we will not be able to comply with our 7 days turnaround target just yet, however we will be in touch via email or telephone to all of our customers to advise of all updates.

Looking to the Future…

The most common thing that we are told by customers when they visit us at our office, is that there footage is memories of family members that have passed away, and they would love for the children and / or grandchildren to see what they got up to in their earlier years.

We have started having younger customers with tapes of their grandparents that have past on. It is more popular to see the younger generation curious to see what was on a video tape found in the attic. They also say they will present it as a gift to their parents to relive their memories.

I now feel like I can relate to this feeling, and will be looking at producing edited memorial videos in the near future when things feel less raw.

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